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Heroes of Newerth Part II(Price and requirements)

That's the 2nd part of my HoN review.

Today we will look closer and the price and requierments.
HoN is a one time fee of 30$ game, with no later required payments. But you can buy additional "Goblin Coins" in order to buy new skins for your heroes, announcers, icons and other account vanity items. So for 30$ you actually get unlimited, replayable fun, because you won't find 2 same games, never.
Client 547mb download, which is most of the time the up-to-date version of client. If you want to find out the minimal specs and recommended visit this link HoN Requirements. Also if you don't know if your computer can handle it anyways you should try using Can You Run It? It's a very helpful site, which will scan your computer for it's specs, and then compare them with minimum requirements for the game you chose.
But HoN requirements are not only your computer specs, you also need to have a very flexible mind, to be able to handle a lot of information flowing through your neurons. As they say about some games "Easy to learn, hard to master" this game is "Very hard to learn, and even harder to master" but oh trust me, when you get the basics, the fun brought by winning is so rewarding.
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  1. nice introduction to HoN. looking forward to more like these.. i followed your blog

  2. My PC won't handle it. I like games that challenge my brain.

  3. Played this game when it was in beta. Never liked dota-like games

  4. I love heroes of newerth! My friends are all 1850+ and im only 1700+ :( havent touched the game in awhile though

  5. I think I am going to try out HoN it looks pretty good

  6. I will definitely try this game
    followed ;)

  7. I do not like this game, but I followed you because this blog is awesome. (:

  8. I looked up a trailer for this game. Looks good!

  9. i might try it out
    added u bro, add me back