poniedziałek, 18 lipca 2011

Heroes of Newerth Part IV (Community)

Welcome again!
This time i'll tell you about HoN community.
In general, i think HoN's community is one of the worst communities ever. I am dead serious about that(i've made some nasty habits my self playing this game). Make one mistake, and you will be flamed until the end of the game, and even after some people will whisper you with tons of bad words, and excessive rage. But as everywhere there are quite a lot of exceptions. There's been a movement called "Making a difference" for quite a while, and well you can see effects of it. The flame levels have detoriated by far, since closed beta times, where you would get flamed for missing a creep kill or being too slow when buying items. People either don't care anymore, or they just get over it and try to be nice. But still there are a lot of people who think that everyone is perfect, and makes no mistakes while playing. Common issue is blaming everybody for everything. Oh i've been flamed so many times for someone other's death even if it was entirely their fault.
This game is very begginer unfriendly, there are tons of servers named "Noobs in here" and people just buy sub-accounts to stomp new players trying to get the basics. I am a lucky one, since i've learned to play with my friends, but even then when i tried to play on my own to get better, you just get yelled at.
After you get into higher skill games, those badass teens, screaming and swearing seem to fade away. But trust me, getting through the starting area is hell on earth.
Overall it is getting better, but compared to other games communities, this one is bad.

What about you guys? Do you often find your self swearing at montior and slapping keyboard for your own mistakes?(Haha, i do it quite often, but well it's better than yelling at other people :) )

sobota, 16 lipca 2011

Heroes of Newerth SPECIAL

Today with the patch containing new hero called Revenant(i'll get to him later).
Get it while you still can.
See you in HoN :)

piątek, 15 lipca 2011

Heroes of Newerth Part III(Quality and updates)

Welcome again!
Today i'd like to tell you more about quality of the game and updates.
Quality- 30$ for an unlimited number of hours to play of mediocre quality. Recently there have been huge issues with servers(there are many servers you can use to play on so there is no "hosting advantage"), and there are few annoying bugs which can't be dealt with by neither player or S2Games. Game also has a few major flaws, since it is based on Server Frames, it can cause some issues, funny or annoying. It could have been better, but it is really good afterall.
Emerald Warden with his hawk Gawain
Well now this is the strong part of this game. There are almost updates everyweek, mostly on fridays. For past half of a year, S2Games, added almost 2 completely NEW heroes to the game, with the most recent one being Emerald Warden, and later on today they will release a new hero called Revenant, and i am really looking forward to this.
That's the spotlight for new hero, since i couldn't find any screenies of him.
Not to mention that every patch brings either new items, or balancing. If someone played the game for example a year ago, and come back now, it's like he is playing a totally new game.
What would you like more, a delayed balanced and almost bugless product, with rare updates, perhaps a quickly done game, with little balancing which is up to community and some minor bugs, with frequent updates? Leave your thoughts in comments.
Have a nice day :)

czwartek, 14 lipca 2011

Heroes of Newerth Part II(Price and requirements)

That's the 2nd part of my HoN review.

Today we will look closer and the price and requierments.
HoN is a one time fee of 30$ game, with no later required payments. But you can buy additional "Goblin Coins" in order to buy new skins for your heroes, announcers, icons and other account vanity items. So for 30$ you actually get unlimited, replayable fun, because you won't find 2 same games, never.
Client 547mb download, which is most of the time the up-to-date version of client. If you want to find out the minimal specs and recommended visit this link HoN Requirements. Also if you don't know if your computer can handle it anyways you should try using Can You Run It? It's a very helpful site, which will scan your computer for it's specs, and then compare them with minimum requirements for the game you chose.
But HoN requirements are not only your computer specs, you also need to have a very flexible mind, to be able to handle a lot of information flowing through your neurons. As they say about some games "Easy to learn, hard to master" this game is "Very hard to learn, and even harder to master" but oh trust me, when you get the basics, the fun brought by winning is so rewarding.
Until next time
Good day

środa, 13 lipca 2011

Heroes of Newerth Part I(Intro)

Woah, it's been quite long time since i started playing this game. I've been playing since mid closed beta, and my account is 1 year 287 days 7hours and 40 minutes old, when i am writing this. If you don't know what Heroes of Newerth(HoN for short) is, then it is a Defence of the Ancients(DotA) type game which is called MOBA(Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). Your goal is to destroy your opponent's base, by wrecking towers then barracks, and finally their main base (World Tree or Shrine). To do that you use one of 83 heroes with a new one coming this Friday. There are 3 different heroe types and there are subtypes to those.There Strength, Agility and Intelligence oriented heroes. And each one of those type divide heroes into: gankers, carries, supports and semi-carrys.
Gankers as the name might suggest, is roaming around the map in search of possibility to kill someone.
Carry is a type of hero, that needs some basic items to start shining and scoring kills.
Support, as the name says, supports other heroes to help them earn gold and survive.
Semi-carry is actually a mix of ganker and a carry, he doesn't need that many items to be effective, and mostly he is very level dependant, to show his full strength.
Opposed to some might think, this game is based on team work, it has been proven so many times, even on competitive scene, that a really outstanding player with 4 other good players, but with no team work failed to even get out of group stage in a tournament. So keep in mind - teamwork = win.
That's it for intro, i'll keep updating with new posts about HoN, and propably new games aswell.
Keep cool

Welcome post

Hello everybody,
I would like to greet everyone who is passing by with a hearty hello.
What i would like to do here, is write about my feelings on different games i play, or places i go to(hence personal feelings). But mostly games, i might not remember anything about the places i went to ;> .
Anyways, i hope you have a nice time reading my blog.
Have a nice day.