środa, 13 lipca 2011

Heroes of Newerth Part I(Intro)

Woah, it's been quite long time since i started playing this game. I've been playing since mid closed beta, and my account is 1 year 287 days 7hours and 40 minutes old, when i am writing this. If you don't know what Heroes of Newerth(HoN for short) is, then it is a Defence of the Ancients(DotA) type game which is called MOBA(Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). Your goal is to destroy your opponent's base, by wrecking towers then barracks, and finally their main base (World Tree or Shrine). To do that you use one of 83 heroes with a new one coming this Friday. There are 3 different heroe types and there are subtypes to those.There Strength, Agility and Intelligence oriented heroes. And each one of those type divide heroes into: gankers, carries, supports and semi-carrys.
Gankers as the name might suggest, is roaming around the map in search of possibility to kill someone.
Carry is a type of hero, that needs some basic items to start shining and scoring kills.
Support, as the name says, supports other heroes to help them earn gold and survive.
Semi-carry is actually a mix of ganker and a carry, he doesn't need that many items to be effective, and mostly he is very level dependant, to show his full strength.
Opposed to some might think, this game is based on team work, it has been proven so many times, even on competitive scene, that a really outstanding player with 4 other good players, but with no team work failed to even get out of group stage in a tournament. So keep in mind - teamwork = win.
That's it for intro, i'll keep updating with new posts about HoN, and propably new games aswell.
Keep cool

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  1. good stuff. cool story brometheus

  2. Do think that HoN is better than LoL? I always liked LoL more because it's easier^^.

  3. Well i started out with HoN and after i got some experience in HoN i tried LoL, and i must say it was just too boring, and compared to HoN it is a very slow game ;)